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Lester Bahr CPA, LLC
(484) 707-5934
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Enlightened solutions within your grasp
Accounting, tax and advisory solutions for business

Running a business is stressful. But I make it easier for you. My services organize and transform financial transactions into knowledge. With that knowledge, I provide recommendations, or alert you to pitfalls, in order to better operate your business and achieve your goals.

Business start-up services. it's easier and less expensive to get your business started down the correct path from the beginning rather than undo mistakes later. There are numerous issues to be considered that I can help you with including:

Selecting the best type of business entity depending on your objectives.
> Assisting you with developing your business plan.
> Considerations involving various tax issues of different business structures.
> Guidance in filing all necessary federal, state and local registrations.
> Designing an effective bookkeeping system and providing accounting procedures training.
> Compliance and filing issues associated with hiring employees, sales taxes, etc.
> Advising on various financing options associated with inventory, equipment and other asset purchases and leases.
> Directing you to other professional referrals in legal matters, marketing, financing, purchase of real estate, etc.

Accounting support. I provide a wide range of business accounting services in Allentown that can be customized to the needs of your particular business. These include:

> QuickBooks and other software setup and training if you prefer to do your own accounting in-house.
> Outsource processing of your accounting data.
> Analysis or your accounting records on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to provide recommendations as your "controller"
> Preparation of financial statements..
> Special projects on an as-needed basis.

Tax services. All businesses must comply with various tax filing regulations. The failure to do so can result in significant penalties, property liens and other disciplinary actions against the business owner. My tax guidance, planning and preparation services will insure that you don't pay more taxes than appropriate and that all things are correctly prepared in compliance with the laws. I prepare all corporate, LLC and other business tax returns as well as all multi-state business filings for those companies with out-of-state activities. Also, of course, I provide personal tax return filing services as well.

Business advisory support is perhaps the most important value I can provide to you as a client to help you strategize in achieving your goals. In this capacity I will:

> Listen to your concerns and talk to you about your business to share my ideas and offer my perspective and insights based on what I have experienced.
> Review cash flow problems, analyze operating costs, create budgets and forecasts, compare lease vs. buy alternatives and perform numerous other financial management tasks.
> Show you comparisons of retirement and other benefit plans to optimize tax savings.
> Evaluate merger opportunities, succession planning matters and other long-term strategic plans.
> Essentially provide the services of a Controller or CFO to your small business such that you can gain the same benefits of professional financial management as a large company.
> Point you in the right direction and provide solid referrals in related areas of managing your business such as purchasing insurance, real estate, information technology, marketing, outsource payroll and human resources.

Benefits you can expect include:
Better management control results from an accounting system which provides accurate, timely information upon which to make confident decisions.
Provides peace of mind knowing you are in compliance with all tax regulations and not paying excessive taxes or incurring penalties.
More free time with less stress in managing the daily tasks of your business so that you can focus on achieving your long-term goals.
I provide an objective, experienced point of view that you the business owner can tap into at any time. I am always in tune wit the business environment. Also as a CPA, I engage in continuing professional education requirements on an ongoing basis that allows me to continually update my knowledge for the benefit of my clients.

Business Accounting Services Allentown Pennsylvania