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Why use QuickBooks?

Because quite simply, QuickBooks dominates the small business accounting software market and handles far more than just bookkeeping. When used to its full potential, QuickBooks provides all the essential information to better manage your business. 

QuickBooks bill provide insight into how different parts of your business are contributing to its overall health. Get answers to your questions such as;
How do my financial results compare to last month or last year?
What is my profit on each product, service or job?
Which customers are most profitable?
Who owes me money and who do I owe?

QuickBooks handles all the general ledger, receivables, payables, inventory, job costing and payroll functions using established accounting standards. Plus, it is fully customizable to the unique requirements of your business. All forms and reports can be custom designed to give the presentation you desire. in addition, there are even industry specific versions of QuickBooks, as well as, many other software packages that exchange data directly with QuickBooks.

BUT, proper setup is the key to success.

QuickBooks, like any accounting software is merely a tool. But to gain the intended benefits, a correct setup and transfer of your existing business data is crucial. This requires the chart of accounts and all preferences to be suitably structured for your business.

Additionally, all year-to-date transactions must be loaded in t he proper sequence to update the system correctly. I simplify this process by handling those details and tasks for you. This allows your business to continue to operate normally during the transition process.

Then, when you are ready to take over with QuickBooks I provide you with personal training using your company data in your office. This approach is more effective than attending a generic how-to QuickBooks seminar. Plus, I am available to answer your questions thereafter.

​During this process, I go beyond just setting up QuickBooks and showing you how to use it. As a CPA, I provide experienced guidance in all financial and tax reporting areas. I am uniquely qualified to help you optimize your business and achieve greater profitability. That is what sets me apart in helping you, the small business owner, to improve your company.

4 Step Process to get you up and running with QuickBooks

Step 1  Begins with an initial consultation to determine if QuickBooks is the right solution for your business as well as which industry specific version might be best suited to you. I will prepare a proposal and outline an implementation plan.

Step 2  Involves my gathering information and data about your business to prepare the initial setup of your company on QuickBooks I can typically do this step from my office so as not to disrupt your normal routine.

Step 3  Transactions from the starting point you choose up through the present date are entered in QuickBooks. I can perform this data entry process for you by working with your existing records. This insures that the setup you begin with is correct from the start.

Step 4  With the setup completed, I then simply transfer the company file to your computer based QuickBooks application. I then provide you with training as necessary to take-over your using of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Business Services