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Why You Should Use QuickBooks Online

Every small business has different needs and challenges to solve. And as a QuickBooks Advanced Pro-Advisor with more than three decades of accounting, systems and tax experience, I am uniquely qualified  to understand those needs and recommend the accounting solution that will get you to where you want to be. First, it's a matter of determining what industry applies to you. Here are some of the best suited businesses for QuickBooks Online.

Appointment-based businesses include doctors, chiropractors, optometrists, veterinarians, salons, instructors, personal trainers and mechanics as examples. Appointment-based business owners are constantly busy. Finding time between appointments to focus on their business can be difficult. They need a fast, simple way to manage their books. That’s where QuickBooks Online shines. Its features are designed to help these businesses stay on top of expenses and work efficiently with teams. Best of all, you will have more time for bookings thanks to easy, intuitive access to the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Retail and ecommerce businesses include food vendors, restaurants, eBay sellers, hardware stores, boutique shops, furniture stores, coffee shops for example. QuickBooks Online is packed with features designed with retail and eCommerce businesses in mind. You will have what you need to automatically import data from sales tools, stay on top of payroll and seamlessly manage inventory.  Plus, you will be able to reach your goals faster thanks to a crystal-clear view of their financial health.

Professional and field services businesses include consultants, photographers, architects, entertainers, event planners, interior designers, caterers, landscapers, lawyers and general contractors. Professional and field services businesses are always moving from one job to another, which leaves little time for manual data entry. They need an accounting solution that integrates with their business, automatically providing them with a clear picture of their financial health at any given moment. QuickBooks Online provides a fast, up-to-date view of your cash flow, seamless integration with your bank, simple customized invoicing, and it’s all built right in, ready to work as fast as you do.

Here are some of the ways I can help you with QuickBooks Online in terms of the services I offer:

> If you are converting from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online, there are specific sequences of events that must be followed during the pre-migration, migration and post-migration phases of the project which I can guide the process through using a checklist of all the tasks that must be done in the proper order. Of critical importance is the need to make any cleanup, deletions, merges, and reorganizations with your QuickBooks desktop file BEFORE you do the conversion upload to QuickBooks Online. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of old extraneous data in QuickBooks Online that you won't later be able to easily remove. The key here: do the QuickBooks clean BEFORE the conversion to QuickBooks online, NOT AFTER.

> If you are just beginning to setup QuickBooks Online for the first time, I can do the process for you to save you time and insure that all the settings, chart of accounts structure etc. is done correctly right from the beginning. And as I work through the process, I will prepare a detailed narrative for you of everything I've done or changed in your file, the reasons why I did those things, and provide other "best practices" ideas to you about things that I see you could be doing better.

> If you are already using QuickBooks Online, but there are problems in how it was setup, chart of accounts organization issues, transactions not properly posted, or account balances not reconciled etc. I can help you by doing a complete review of your online setup and make the corrections and changes as necessary to get things where they should be.

Because QuickBooks Online is a cloud based solution with many smart, automated features to help eliminate redundancy in managing your bookkeeping. Intuit continues to evolve it.

>  Collaboration becomes possible from anywhere on any connected device and your files are always synced in real time.
>  Security in never worrying about saving files to an external device. QuickBooks Online is always backed up and accessible.
>  The latest software because the cloud automatically updates your software to the latest version so you will always have the most current features.
>  Mobile App puts the ease of QuickBooks right on your smart phone so you can take the functionality right out in the field with you where you work.
Bank and credit card accounts seamlessly integrate with QBO greatly reducing your bookkeeping data entry due to this connectivity of the bank feeds.
 Over 400 online apps that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online to boost your productivity.