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Accounting “Firm of the Future”

by Lester Bahr, CPA on 05/29/16

Intuit continues to scale new heights with their QuickBooks Online cloud computing platform. Their “Firm of the Future” initiative is raising the bar of technological prowess that accountants need to have if they expect to be a leading resource and solution provider to their business clients.

I’ve been working with Intuit QuickBooks products for 17 years, having participated in their training programs from the initial launch and now holding advanced certifications with all QuickBooks products, including the online version.

For those of us as CPA’s who work with clients in this cloud-based eco system, it offers an unparalleled environment of efficiency in which to collaborate with the business owner. More than just a general accounting platform though, the versatility of QuickBooks Online is scalable through the add-on integration of over 300 apps.

For example, an online retailer may be using a platform such as Shopify for their website, inventory fulfillment and shopping cart. They are probably using Paypal and Square in addition to their online banking to manage payment processing as well. So, in order to really help our business clients optimize their accounting workflow and management reporting, it is essential that we as CPA’s understand how to evaluate and integrate these apps with QuickBooks Online to complete the entire financial tracking and reporting infrastructure of the business. Where else can the small business owner turn to for advice in these areas? Our clients are looking to us for that help.

Seamless collaboration between the client and CPA online is key. Why should we as CPA’s make the client pack up all their records and schlep it off to our office? As CPA’s we need to be the facilitator of efficiency for our clients. This means supporting the client through paperless document processing and storage and transfers through portal access. We also need accessibility to login to the client’s online accounting to address issues as they arise in real time. Ultimately, this is the difference between a CPA who is proactive and adding continual value rather than operating reactively.

Lester R Bahr, CPA
QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

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