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Mac users of QuickBooks

by Lester Bahr, CPA on 07/06/16

If you are a Mac user, then you know that the Mac version of QuickBooks does not incorporate all of the functionality, or the version levels, of Quickbooks for PC’s. For example, in the PC version, a client can make a special backup copy called an “accountant’s copy” which their accountant can then restore, make all the adjustments and changes, and then prepare a backup copy to go back to the client which will sync up the changes made by the accountant to the client’s QuickBooks company file. That is a valuable workflow function in QuickBooks since it allows the client to keep working in their file, processing transactions, while their accountant is working on their file in parallel.

This option does not exist in the Mac version where the accountant is using the PC version. However, if you’re working with an accountant that’s using the PC version of QuickBooks, that doesn’t mean as a Mac user you are shut out of the process. From within the Mac version, a PC version backup file can still be created and transferred to the accountant. Granted, the accountant won’t be able to create a backup going back. It simply requires a different set of procedures in how I work with Mac users to keep their books accurate.

Of course the best way to avoid the issue altogether is to adopt the QuickBooks Online cloud version. Being browser based it’s equally accessible and gives access to the online add-on apps available for QuickBooks Online. Plus, unlike with the Mac desktop version where Intuit seems not to put much development resources, that is certainly not the case with the QuickBooks Online version which is the priority focus of Intuit to continually develop.

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