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Top ten ways a CPA can help you

by Lester Bahr, CPA on 07/11/16

1. Business Startup Process - Preparing a business plan, choosing entity type, getting all the business registrations in place, and introducing you to bankers, preparing loan proposals and connecting you with other professionals to be part of your team.

2. Offering Sound Advice - by seeing the big picture and drawing on their experiences in working with other businesses, they know what works, and what doesn't

3. Software Consulting and Training - to get the right accounting system infrastructure in place necessary to properly run the business.

4. Systems Implementation - that makes order out of chaos and insures "best practices" procedures in smooth and efficient workflows of financial information through the organization.

5. Accounting Services - needed for the preparation of financial statements as well as to help you interpret the financial information so that you can make fully informed decisions in your business. Budgeting and cash flow modeling.

6. Controller Services - because even a small business can benefit from the perspective of a CFO, which is usually beyond the budget of a small business to have a CFO on full time staff. Within this function is also making sure you have proper internal controls in place.

7. Tax Planning & Preparation - is often the most requested need that businesses have for their CPA. Tax laws are very complex and what you don't know can definitely hurt you.

8. Financial Planning - at both the business and personal level to help you reach your goals.

9. Succession Planning - in helping your business achieve self-sufficiency and planning in how to pass on ownership and monetize your ownership investment.

10. Estate Planning - in helping clients accomplish the safe passage of their lifetime assets to the next generation.

Written by: Lester R Bahr, CPA

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